Iwai Patent Translation Office is a small business leader in the field of patent and intellectual property translation.

Established in 2007, iPTO has quickly become one of the most successful translation services in Japan with more than 95% of our translated applications being accepted. Based in Kobe with a highly skilled staff of native speakers and manufacturing specialists, we offer exceptional quality and accuracy you won’t find with other translation services.

At iPTO, we specialize in working with patents related to mechanical engineering and complicated structural technology. While most patent translation services are hesitant to take on mechanical applications due to the difficulty of translating the technical language, iPTO`s team of trained specialists come to the job armed with the educational background and knowledge needed to fully understand and accurately translate an application no matter how complicated the language may be.

Unlike other translation services, we don’t require lengthily meetings or constant communication between our translators and patent authors because we already know the business and the terminology. We don`t just get it done faster, we get it done right.

IPTO uses four in-house translators as well as a minimum number of third-party partners. Each of our staff members are certified in Intellectual Property Management and are experts in the field of patent law.



0001Kenji Iwai (Owner/CEO)

Kenji has two degrees in mechanical engineering, one from Gunma National Technical School and another from the Virginia Military Institute, as well as more than twenty years of experience drafting specifications and translating for patent attorneys both in Japan and the United States.

He has been in charge of quality assurance and prototype development production of automobile parts for a major Japanese manufacturer and has engaged in a variety of industry-related services such as search, application, making drawings, intermediate process, translation, judgment and drafting English specifications from scratch.

With an engineering education from both Japanese and American schools, Kenji is one of the few patent translation specialists in the field with the ability to understand and accurately translate patents containing highly technical language. He applies his strict discipline and focus he acquired at the academy to serving the needs his clients.




Rika Osaka (Translator/Team Leader)

Joined iPTO in 2010
Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese
Degree: Chinese Language Studies from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies






Marie Nagai (Translator/Sales)

Joined iPTO in 2011
Languages: English and Japanese
Degree: English Language Studies from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies.






Satoshi Kikutani (Translator)

Joined iPTO in 2014
Languages: English and Japanese
Degree: Interpreting and Translating from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies.






name3(Sales/Overseas Outreach)

Degree: Communications from Pennsylvania State University