Iwai Patent Translation Office provides patent translations across a variety of industries. From automobile manufacturing to nanotechnology used to push the boundaries of medical science, iPTO has helped hundreds of business and entrepreneurs successfully file their patents across the Pacific.

While we specialize in mechanical engineering, our team of translators has experience translating patents in nearly every field imaginable.


Some examples of our work include:


• Direct Fuel Injection Device
• Steering Systems
• Turbo Charger Technology
• Downsized Engine
• Anti-Collision Detection
• Self-Control Technology
• Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Reductions



• Ship Radar Technology
• Fish Detection
• Sonar Technology for Underwater Soil Detection



• Wing Control Structures
• Missile Guidance Technology
• Composite Material for Aircrafts


communication. opacityjpgCommunication

• Computer Programing Memory
• Global Positioning Systems
• Mobile Phone Technology



• Handwriting Recognition Technology


Medical opacityMedical

• Nanotechnology