Our Process

To ensure that our translations are done accurately and efficiently, iPTO relies on in-house translators as well as our partner Hironori Sakiyama, a patent attorney based in Osaka and founder of Zack International Patent Office.

Step One:          You simply contact Hironori Sakiyama at Zack International Patent Office directly (contact information listed below) to send an order letter to Mr. Sakiyama along with specification data and he will forward the data for translation to Iwai Patent Translation Office.

Step Two:          Once we receive the order, our in-house translators get to work translating the document into Japanese. The translation process takes approximately one month. A quicker translation service is available if needed.

Step Three:       Once the translation process is completed, we forward the Japanese specification and drawings to Zack International Patent Office where Mr. Sakiyama reviews the application as needed to make sure it complies with Japanese patent law and that all specifications and criteria are met.

Step Four:         Mr. Sakiyama files the application electronically with the Japanese Patent Office.

Step Five:          An invoice is sent to you from Mr. Sakiyama accompanied by an invoice from iPTO for your reference.

The entire process, from initial contact to the application being filed with the Japanese Patent Office, takes about eighteen months. An accelerated examination is also available at an additional cost.



Mr. Sakiyama

Mr. Sakiyama

About Hironori Sakiyama:

Mr. Sakiyama is the founder of Zack International Patent Office and has more than fourteen years of experience practicing prosecution and litigation.

Upon graduating from Kansai University with a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering in 2000, Mr. Sakiyama worked in the Department of Research and Development at Denka Company Limited before joining a patent attorneys office where he handled a number of patent applications focused in the mechanical field.

Since then, Mr. Sakiyama has worked for international patent offices in Osaka until 2013 when he established Zack International Patent Office.

In addition to his work as a patent attorney, Mr. Sakiyama lectures part-time at the Osaka University of Economics and Law.



Contact Information for Zack International Patent Office:

Shinosaka Chiyoda Building
10F, Miyahara 4-4-63
Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan

TEL: +81-6-6350-1721
FAX: +81-6-6350-1722
Email: zack-pat@ipto.jp
Website: http://www.zack-pat.com



According to the Japanese Patent Office, 60% of rejected foreign patent applications are turned down due to their failure to comply with the written description requirement. This is due to the fact that most translation services make the mistake of providing a literal translation of a patent’s text which fails to capture the true meaning of the original language. Such errors can result in the patent being either rejected or subject to future litigation.

At iPTO, we take a different, more hands-on approach to ensure that your clients’ patent meets the strict requirements needed to be accepted.



Iwai Patent Translation Office understands the many differences in vocabulary and linguistic structures between Japanese and English and works to make sure our translations are accurate as possible. Rather than simply translate on a word-to-word basis, we focus on making sure the context and meaning of the original language is translated correctly. This dedication to precision and attention to detail is the reason for our unparalleled success with more than 95% of our translated patents being accepted.


We understand and respect your clients’ deadlines. Many other translation services in Japan typically don’t begin the translation process until well after they’ve received the application and the deadline is fast approaching. This can seriously jeopardize the accuracy of the translation. Iwai Patent Translation Office wastes no time getting started on a project and will not only meet deadlines, but often beat them.


Patent attorneys in Japan, whether they use in-house translators or a third party, often overcharges their clients. Iwai Patent Translation Office can help cut the costs of translating a patent by saving your clients anywhere between 30 to 50% on their translation expenditures.


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“Iwai Patent Translation Office provides good quality translations of Japanese patent applications into English for US/EP patent application purposes. IPTO has managed to adapt well to our technical field which often requires good knowledge and understanding of signal processing in order to be able to make meaningful and accurate translations. The translation is definitely done with a good understanding of the technology involved. IPTO does not only perform direct translation of the original Japanese application but it provides a translation that is adapted to the US/EP practice in order to avoid possible objections and/or rejections during examination.”